How Can You Help? You can support completion of the Temple

Substantial progress has been made in creating the marvellous environment of the Thousand Buddha Temple. At this moment, additional funds of 3.35 million USD are needed to finish the first phase of the project. This includes reimbursing costs already incurred by the contractor as well as roofing, internal painting and furnishing. Additionally, 600 of the 18 inch statues and several other larger statues need to be gilded, consecrated, and mounted.

We invite you to support this most auspicious project, planting the seeds of liberation for countless people for generations to come. It is most beneficial and meritorious to support such an excellent project, so we invite everyone to help in accordance with their capabilities.

Everyone can help in some way!

There are many ways to support this project, among which your wishes and aspirations for its success are the most important. Some may also wish to donate their skills and time, while others may feel able to contribute financially – perhaps 100 Rupees, 100 Euros a month or a significantly larger sum. The amount offered is less important than taking the rare opportunity to connect with such a profound and meritorious project.

An artistic impression of the temple.

You can support:

building of the temple – 3.35 million USD needs to be raised to finish the construction:

  • With 1000 people offering 3,500 USD each, we estimate the temple would be finished by 2018.
  • This is the equivalent of offering $100 a month until the end of the project.

gilding of one or more of the remaining 600 Buddha Shakyamuni statues at a cost of 1000 USD each.

Any support offered will be highly valued and helps this inspiring project to be completed as quickly as possible. Whatever amount you can give, or whatever way you can help, will be extremely meaningful.

“If you want to create perfect merit. Gild one statue. It will last forever. Not for me, not for you, but for them.” Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche

Ways to send your donation:

  1. You can use your credit-card to make a donation right here in the DONATE NOW section.
  2. You can make a bank transfer to the monasteries bank account in Nepal:
    • Pal Thubten Shedrub Ling Monastery
    • Nabil Bank Ltd, Jorpati
    • P.O.Box 3729, Kathmandu Nepal
    • Account No.: 0210017504505
  3. To send a check, offer stock, or make a wire transfer to US, visit Shedrub Development Fund homepage.

If you wish to find another way to support, share your suggestions or receive more information, please contact us by e-mailing at


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