How Much Remains to Be Done? The progress until February 2015

Chökyi Nyima, Chokling, Phakchok, and Tulkur Urgyen Yangsi Rinpoche consecrating the land

The work on the Thousand Buddha Temple started in 2011 with Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche, Chokling Rinpoche, Phakchok Rinpoche, and Tulku Urgyen Yangsi Rinpoche consecrating the land. Due to their previous strong track record in building monasteries, Lama Construction Ltd. was chosen to carry out the works.

Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche inspecting the skylight of the 1st floor in December 2014.

By the beginning of 2015, the structural work had been completed, and stairwells and major walls had been built. Attention has since turned to important internal features including ornamental plastering and the rendering of platforms for the mounting of statues.

Through their kindness and trust in the importance of this project, Lama Construction Ltd has pre-financed much of the building costs to date; funds that need to be reimbursed. Due to this arrangement, significant outstanding payments exist.

Great gatherings will be held in the prayer hall of Pal Thubten Shedrub Ling

As a result of increases in the costs of construction materials (cement, sand, etc.) and the addition of one extra floor to the temple building, the projected budget for building the Thousand Buddha Temple has increased to 4.8 million USD. To date 2.07 million USD has been spent on the work with 1.45 million USD funded by generous donors from around the world.

At the head of the central hall, three 28-foot statues representing the Buddhas of the past, present and future will make up the centerpiece of the main shrine. These have already been cast and are currently on site awaiting transportation into the main building. Behind the main figures, one thousand golden statues of Buddha Shakyamuni will be mounted, each 18” high. These statues will represent the Buddhas of our time, and have been cast from a mould based on the classic form found at the ancient Nalanda University. To date, gilding of 400 of the Statues has been sponsored by generous individuals.

The progress of construction of Pal Thubten Shedrub Ling Monastery depends solely on kind benefactors and the financial resources made available by them. Large or small, each act of kindness and generosity helps the project to move a step further and is a great gift to the world.



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