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Aspirations and Donations of Time, Skills, and Financial Support

There are many ways to support this project; your wishes and aspirations for its success are the most important. Some may also wish to donate their skills and time, while others may wish to contribute financially – in any amount, whether a one-time donation or a recurring monthly donation. More important than the amount offered is the connection made to this profound and meritorious project.

Making offerings in all forms—good wishes, actions, material support—assists devotees on the path of practice.

Representations of awakened Body, Speech, and Mind inspire us to remember those enlightened qualities that are innate in all of us. The sutras and tantras teach that we cannot fathom the merit generated by creating objects of veneration.

The reason for building monasteries, stupas, and statues is that we need to develop our faith. For example, for most of us, when we say, “I take refuge in the Buddha” in front of a beautiful statue of the Buddha, our faith naturally arises.

Why is faith important? It is said that faith is the root of the practice of dharma. Faith powers our practice so that we can realize our full potential. With sincere practice of the Buddhadharma, we obtain benefit in this and all future lives for both ourselves and others.

As we develop our faith and introspection, we need environments that direct all the beauty and power of the external world toward the recognition of those qualities within ourselves. The Lumbini temple and its surrounding gardens will be just such a place.

How to make your donation:

  • You can use your credit card here.
  • You can make a bank transfer to the monastery’s bank account in Nepal:
Bank Name: Nabil Bank Ltd.
Branch: Jorpati Branch
Address: Jorpati Branch, P.O.Box 3729, Kathmandu Nepal
Account Name: Pal Thubten Shedrub Ling Monastery
Account No.: 0210017504505
  • If you would like to send a check, you can choose that option here.
  • To offer stock or legacy donations, please contact

To offer other forms of support  or suggestions, or to receive more information, please contact us at

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